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Smartphone and tablet parental control app. Monitor smartphone content and kids activity remotely, track GPS location, Internet, Phone Logs, App Blocking, Geofencing & much more

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About Us

Can be easily installed on any smartphone. Our mission is to make a word a safer place fro kids

We are Family Shield mSpy company. We see that life style in our world changed a lot during past twenty years, we notice that children now are spending more time away from home and parents. Not only practically, but also metaphorically. Do you talk to your kid while you have diner? Do you know what he is reading on his cellphone? Digital technologies challenge parents, and we have to find a way to become better digital parents, to live in a new world.

We are united by one idea and same new conditions.
We all have kids and at one time we understood that there is not much tools how we can check where our children are, whom they talk to and what they are watching, how much time they actually spend on doing their homework. To notice and to prevent cyber bulling, to keep them safe from Internet fraudsters, dangerous and mad man. How safe is Internet from 1 to 10? We’d say 0.

Our mission
Our mission is to create the best parental control app to keep children safe online

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