7 Tips That Can Save Your Kid’s Life

There is a great site Anxious Toddlers, a site dedicated to giving parents support, guidance and advice – has created a list of 6 off-the-wall tips that can save your kid’s life. Be sure to talk to your kid and try to explain as easy and honest as you can, why it is dangerous to talk to strangers and believe them in real life and online, when you do not even see who you are talking to.

More info: anxioustoddlers.com

  1. Tell your children that if they are lost or are feeling unsafe – find a mom with kids.


2. Throw out your child’s personalized backpack, barrettes and lunch boxes. When strangers know your child’s name – your child is much likely to trust them.


3. Teach your kids to never keep body secrets. If someone tells them to keep a secret involving body parts, teach them to tell you immediately


4. Make up a code word with your children. Teach them to use it when they are away from you and in an unsafe situation.


5. Teach your kids that if someone in car is following them, they should run in the opposite direction. This will buy them a few seconds as the car turns around.


6. Tell your children that if a stranger tries to take them – all manners are out the window. Tell them that they are allowed to hit, scream and make  a scene.


7. Teach your children to scream out things that would alarm others.


8. Teach your kids to talk, scream when it is needed and it can save them life


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