The Best Way to Monitor Your Android Phone or Tablet

mSpy Phone Spy App Can Track The Exact Position of Android phone. It is fully packed mobile spy app to that can be used as android spy to do following remotely from your phone or laptop. It is the most popular and hard working application that suggest you the largest variety of Android spy functions and features. Application is user friendly and aimed for watching over your children, preventing phone theft and lost. You can supervise business phones to know if your employees are honest. Follow easy installation steps that will help you create personal account and access user control panel. At the moment you activate Android spy software on smartphone you can log in to view tracked data remotely!


View text messages remotely

Track and read text messages from Android phone remotely from any web-enabled device. Read incoming and outgoing text messages, you can also read text messages that was deleted from Android phone.

View social media chats

Know what and when your kid is sending in social media chats including Snapchat. You can spy on Snapchat messages, Tinder and other social media accounts from your personal control panel. Read text messages online from target phone remotely

GPS tracking

Locate Android phone using GPS tracker. You can find any Android phone and get it’s location on a map real-time in user control panel immediately. Spy on Android phone locations seconds after tracking app was installed.

Manage and view calls

Get all call history including time, date, duration, calling numbers. You can block unwanted numbers from calling on target Android phone using a user control panel remotely

Control App usage

Android spy app records app usage history. View a list and time of app that was run on Android phone. If your kid have problems with time-management, sleep, or chats with friends too much you can block downloading and running those applications on target Android phone.

View Browsing History

Spy on Android app records and send to user control panel all data about  browsing history and visited websites from phone, you can see websites your children are opening on the phone.

Block Websites

Restrict access to websites you think can be harmful or disturbing for you children. You can add a list of websites in Android phone control panel and they will be unable to visit.

Access Contacts

Get an access to contacts from Android phone remotely from your phone or laptop

Keyword Alerts

Set a list of words, which are a sign of possible problems in your child’s life. Those words may be connected to drugs, sexting, alcohol, pregnancy, early sexual relationships and other. If some of those words appear in texts or chats or anywhere in phone typing or received messages you will get an alert. No need to spy on text messages and read them remotely, just use keyword alerts function to stay updated.


You can set a virtual barrier and add safe and unsafe zones to a map in your personal control panel. You receive notification if the phone leaves or enter unsafe zone, see when and how often each zone is visited. View the history of device movements on a convenient map.


Allows you to remotely read all text entered on monitored device. Cover all your bases when it comes to protecting your kids and business, this kind of function makes keyword alerts function possible. Use only advanced Android monitoring software.

View photos and videos

See all photos and videos made on Android phone or saved on those Android phone. You can browse all pictures, photos and videos downloaded on the monitored Android device. Android spy lets you see when each photo was taken. All pictures are send to you control panel as thumbnails, so you can access them strait from user panel online.

Android Phone Remote Control

Make Android phone inaccessible for thieves. Android spy app can wipe-out device remotely, lock the phone from user panel if it was lost or stolen.

Support and Reports

If you want to be fully covered with technical assistance, for your convenience we offer 3 levels of mSpy professional support, as a free options you get:

  • Self-service HELP section.
  • E-mail/tickets support.
  • Live assistance in chat.

You also can get features set up, Android rooting or iPhone jailbreak assistance!


The Best Mobile Spy App for Android phones

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Simple and Easy Start

  1. Choose between basic, premium packages. Choose according to your needs, we try to suggest the best packages for you to choose. Purchase it from website. You need to check the package you choose and follow the steps of purchasing. Complete the order form. Please be sure to add real email on which mSpy will send download link.
  2. Download and install. You should go to email and copy Android spy download link. Note, that you need a physical access to target phone to install spy application. There is no way to install it remotely. Installation process will take only 5 minutes, and does not require any special skills. But if you want to, support team will guide you through all installation process!
  3. At the moment you activate mSpy on Android it starts monitoring activities and Android tracking. Now you can access your personal control panel and see all information from Android without physical access to phone.

Who Can Use Android Spy?

People choose Family Shield mSpy to

To Secure your kids and make Android Child-safe. Trace texts, spy on Android locations, social media activity, Snapchat, photos and videos and be sure your kids are safe.

Know if you family is ok at any time, install mSpy with GPS tracking function to know where your family members are

Get information if you employees are loyal and do not tell your business secret information and sensitive data