Make iPhone Child-Safe and More Kid Friendly

How can moms or dads make iPhone sage for children or child-safe? Yes, if you use mSpy as a Family Shield software installed on iPhone. Parental control software for child-safe iPhone is compatible with iOS 6 – 8.4; 9.0.2, so you can install it on practically any iPhone.

Make sure your teenager is not sexting or texting someone you don’t like, or you know that is a bad company for your child. You will get reports of all sent and received text messages on your kids iPhone. You can read all text messages from the phone where mSpy is installed remotely. Be sure your children are not wasting time chatting and sexting in web.

Prevent bulling by phone, email or calls. Know who writes and calls on your daughter’s or son’s smartphone. When you install Family Shield mSpy on iPhone you can see all text messages, social media messages, track and spy on WhatsApp messages and other. Also you can read emails from another phone or laptop and view a list of incoming/outgoing calls in remote control panel. When you see some suspicious or dangerous texts, numbers you can block numbers from calling targeted phone.

View photos and videos made on phone or saved on phone. Do you want to know what is your kid sending on Snapchat? Spy on kids Snapchat? You can see what they are sending to Snapchat friends online remotely.

iPhone Location tracking app

Get iPhone locations to your phone at any time. You can view actual real-time GPS location of iPhone remotely. At the second you install mSpy on kids phone it starts tracking and sending information about iPhone location to control panel which you can access online on any web-enabled device.

Control iPhone Remotely

iPhone spy and tracking software using is really easy! You can control it and make iPhone safer for kids also can:

  • View browser history and installed application list
  • Block websites from visiting
  • Block applications
  • Disable iTunes
  • Block incoming calls or numbers
  • Geo-fencing (set a safe locations for iPhone)
  • Keylogger to see all messages and web searchers
  • Control content using remote control panel and keylogger

Set Keyword Alerts for iPhone

It easy to make iPhone safe for kids, if you can control and know what is going on in texts and messages without permanent reading. How? You should set a list of words which becomes a base for keyword alerts, in case any word appear in messages or anywhere on iPhone you will get a notification! Prevent bulling, sexting, chatting with scammers and fraudsters, stop spending money on unnecessary things etc. Keyword alerts keeps your child safe and you calm. Safe cell phone for kids is important part of being a good parent!

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