Safe cell phone for kids on Android iPhone Windows

We all know how dangerous for toddlers can Internet be today. Is there a way to secure your children from strangers and mad people, casinos and other gambling, adult sites? With FamilyShield mSpy app you will make iPhone safe for kids easily! The same is with Android, you can make Android phone safe for kids in 5 minutes!

mSpy lets you view visited websites and browser history from smartphone. You can add a list of adult, bad or unwanted websites and block them from visiting. Your kids wont have access to adult sites from the moment you block them. Read contents of browser search history, know what your kid is looking for in Internet. It is much easier to prevent problems with teenagers, then to combat them later.

Parental Control software lets you see and have control over all installed applications on the phone, Android or iPhone. Does your children spend too much time playing games on smartphone? Now you can block applications from installing and running, so your kid wont have access to games and will have more time for rest and for homework. This function is very useful if your children are hyperactive, don’t have enough sleep because of smartphone addiction and chatting with friends all night. Stop those behavior, you can take control over kids smartphone and help them spend time more useful.

mSpy lets you view and track locations of the phone, locations complete history. It is shown on the map for your convenience. Now you can turn your kids phone to a cellphone tracker and locator to know where your kid is traveling to in real-time. With mobile location , Gps tracker, Gps tracking, Location tracking, Android gps tracker, you can:

  • View location list where cellphone was at any time remotely
  • Know date and time, when the phone was in some place on a map
  • All places are uploaded and saved in a control panel, which you can access from any device with Internet connection
  • GEO-FENCING is primary function to use on kids cell phones: you sen a safe zone, and when (if) the phone leaves the zone you get notification

Also, spyware lets you set a list of unsafe words and track their appearance in chats on a phone. It is called Keyword alerts and help parents to guide and care about their kids online. With keyword alerts you will always be alerted in case your children are talking about dangerous things, but no need to read everything from phone: text messages, WhatsApp messages, social media and other.





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