What Is Cyberbullying And How To Avoid It?

A few decades ago people dreamt about the internet as a place for storing and exchanging information. Nowadays the internet is used not only as an educative source but also as a means of communication; and mobile app development made it possible to have this powerful helper in your pocket. The Web is a great tool when used wisely, but as usual, people start to abuse good things and it turns out a proper mess.
One of the examples of such mess is cyberbullying, bullying a person with offensive and aggressive messages sent via internet resources.
Let’s learn how to discover your children suffer from it and how to help them in such case.

How to find out that your kid became a victim of cyberbullying?

If your kid…

… is in a distressing mood.
Even the most reserved schoolchildren will feel anxious about being bullied with their look condemning themselves. If kids are depressed and unwilling to go to school, this is the first sign they are suffering from aggression.

… suddenly dislikes the internet.
If you kid used to like spending time on the web, but suddenly he/she feels reluctant about it, you should find out the reason of such a change. It happens really rarely when teens become bored with the internet because in the majority of cases their behavior is caused by problems in the virtual world.

… feels anxious when getting new messages.
Watch how your child reacts to the sound of a new message or email. Negative emotions should put you on the alert. If you see that your son or daughter regularly gets messages that make him/her feel upset, try to talk about the content of these messages.

How to prevent cyberbullying?

Explain to your children how to…

… behave in the web. They have to be friendly with other internet users and never write rude words because written offense doesn’t differ from oral one.

… react to offensive words or actions. They shouldn’t respond in the same way to an aggressive person. The best way out is to stop talking with such user and to delete the profile with personal information.

… block an offender. Almost all resources on the internet offer an option of blocking unwanted people from visiting a profile and sending messages. In a bad case contact an administrator and write a complaint demanding to delete offender’s page.

… be polite. The internet is not a place for pranks, rumors, and threats. Virtual world resembles reality and all the tries to break the rules and bully anyone will be severely punished.

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